How it all started with an informercial…

15 Nov

Where did my passion for Ecuador arise from?

A. An amazing encounter with God

B. A very vivid dream

C. A Feed the Children infomercial

If you guessed C you are correct!

One lonely Saturday afternoon my eyes caught a glimpse of the most beautiful disaster I have ever seen– Ecuador and its children riddled with poverty. My heart became tethered, tangled, and intertwined with a distant land my ears have never heard of.

I have seen a million infomercials with people in conditions such as these, but something….something just took over my every being. Questions like these pounded at my core:

  • Why were my hands not supporting them?
  • Why were my feet not on their soil?
  • Why was I not inhaling the very air they breathe?
  • Why was I not at home, with them?
  • Why was I not with my children?

It felt as if Ecuador had been growing inside me for 9 months. The feeling of not craddling her brought labor pains. The sound of her distant cries felt like contractions. The sight of her brokeness gave me morning sickness. I had weird cravings for adopting her before even bearing my own. On that day, Ecuador had stolen more than just my heart. A chunk of my purpose would now be for her.

This is my story of being reunited with my heart beat.

Destination Ecuador.

–Dios respira vida en sueños aparentemente imposibles


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