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Cita del Día……

19 Jan

“Missionary zeal does not grow out of intellectual beliefs, nor out of theological arguments, but out of love” — Rolland Allen


Sólo un vistazo…

16 Jan

Sólo un vistazo…

Before I even begin to describe this Mona Lisa, I want to say how hard it was to gaze at her and not smile. Everytime I studied her features, trying put into words her essence my heart would explode in a million pieces. Each glimpse, I had to thank God for imprinting Ecuador on my soul. I never thought I could love this hard for people I have never seen, soil my feet have never landed on. Every tear currently dripping off my cheek is a HALLELUJAH! Thank God for giving me this blessing and burden. Now let’s begin…

Her face tells a story. It is the roaring of many oceans, the notes of every bird’s song, every hue of the rainbow reflects off her glistening eyes.

Her face tells a story. It is the irony that beauty is jealous of her, the crescent moon’s agony of trying to imitate her smile, the stars dropping their crowns at her feet.

Her face tells a story. It is God overflowing life in her spirit so that dead men rise in her presence, the blind see because they see the Creator’s signature, the mute speak so that they may tell nations of her.

Her face tells a story… and I recite it over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. It is the sweetest lullaby my ears have ever heard.

Hermosa Flor…

Actualización Rápida…

14 Jan

In the midst of the sucky day I am currently having, listening to Ecuadorian music is the only thing that is putting a sonrisa on my face.

Me Encanta Ecuador

–Dios respira vida en sueños aparentemente imposibles

It all started with an interview (Part 2)…

11 Jan

‘Twas 15 minutes before my interview and I was a wreck!

How was I supposed to convince my team leaders that I should go on this trip? I have never been on a missions trip. I am not exactly the strongest of the bunch. The only Spanish vocabulary I knew was “Hola” and “Amigos” and with that I was sure they were going to tell me “Adios!”

I needed to wrap myself in the confidence of the Lord. So before I went into the interview I prayed a simple prayer:

“Lord, I pray to be all of myself, completely, fully, wholly. I pray to be honest and let my heart do the talking. I really want to go on this trip, but what I mostly want is for these people to be taken care of, to be loved. Even if it is not by me. I will continue to have this trip in my prayers”

With these words I had the courage to walk boldy and peacefully into the interview. General questions were asked and plain answers were given. It was one question that broke the barrier of my soul.

“Why do you think you should go to Ecuador?”

A pause. Suddenly the Amazon river took a detour to the corner of my eyes. My heart began pulsating through my chest. My eyes could not lock with my leaders. My emotions and I were having a wrestling match. I did not want to appear like was sucking up so I avoided any comfort that tried to be exchanged. I could not control this raw reaction. Even I was surprised about how moved I was. Everything I ever thought or felt about Ecuador for 3 years began to pour out. I finally responded:

“I have nothing that I can give. I have never been on a missions trip. I am not the strongest. I am not the wisest. These people can teach me far more than I can ever teach them. I just want to them to be taken care of.”

My leader replied, “You’re on the team!”

AHHHHHHHH! I thought they were kidding, but no, they were serious. A dream that began on the TV is now becoming reality. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! From this experience 3 lessons took root.

  1. The truth is sometimes your heart can be more eloquent then your mind.
  2. You do not have to be qualified to be called.
  3. I love Ecuador, VERY, VERY, MUCH!  *Muy mucho* more than I know.

“Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4)

–Dios respira vida en sueños aparentemente imposibles

Actualización Rápida…

8 Jan

3:19 A.M

Currently I am trying to retrieve the final addresses I need to begin sending out my support letters. Individually sending emails to each and every friend. As my eyes collect bags and yawns pass by collecting time, all I can think of is “I am losing sleep for Ecuador and it is sooo worth it!” A wise person said to lose is to gain and now I fully comprehend.

NO REST UNTIL WE MEET. I will rest when our hearts finally hold hands.

–Dios respira vida en sueños aparentemente imposibles


Sonidos de Ecuador…

5 Jan

Hola mi amigos… enjoy the sounds of Ecuador. Hear her heartbeat roar!

–Dios respira vida en sueños aparentemente imposibles


Sólo un vistazo…

2 Jan

Sólo un vistazo...