It all started with 24 Hour Prayer…

3 Mar

My school has this event called “24 Hour Prayer”, it is when you essesntially pray for 24 hours in our chapel. Honestly, during these hours, all I desired was for Him to reveal my calling. God had another agenda…

God was silent for majority of the time, then we entered a time of prayer for our city. Suddenly my ear drums rung with the sound of people’s cries. Here I was only asking God to benefit me and not realizing the bigger picture. He was showing me that, before Ecuador, this city was my mission field.

My selfishness peeled away. Tear drops began to shed layers of mourning for those who were hurting. My face melted to the ground.  “O, God have I been this blind?” Before I can ever have a heart for those across the world, I must first learn what is means to love those in own my backyard.

The love I learn here will extend to the multitude over there

Every weight that my city felt was now on my shoulders. I refuse mimic China’s one child policy and only nurse Ecuador, I will now bear you in my soul as well my love. Forgive me for abandoning you.

The stars cannot outnumber my thoughts for you. I am quick to feel your pain and even faster to help mend your wounds. At first I was blind, but now I see you behind the veil of my selfishness. I see you. In all your beauty. While others only see the dirt you harbor, all I can picture is the potential of uncovering diamonds. You are now my missions field too.IMG_20130203_212424<

–Dios respira vida en sueños aparentemente imposibles <—Check out this link to see how my team is impacting our city!


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