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Cita del Día…

21 Apr

“What’s your dream and to what corner of the missions world will it take you?”

                                                        -Eleanor Roat


Sólo un vistazo…

20 Apr

Sólo un vistazo…


This is made by the sacred Shuar women.
It is chewed up, fermented Yuca root.

Essentially, saliva in a bowl.

If you are offered this that means you are welcomed into the village.

As disgusting as it may sound, I truly hope to partake.
To drink is to be welcomed, and to be welcomed is my greatest dream.

I imagine… my palate getting a taste of history
Taste buds craddling tradition
Nothing’s as sweet as culture sitting on the tip of your tongue
I embrace what others may label as unsanitary and call it a priviledge

A toast to my beautiful burden…ECUADOR.

It all started with dinero (Part 1)…

13 Apr

20130407_095704Behold the picasso that is my fundraising table…

A while ago I received the great news that I only had $601 left to raise.
Easy money right? No, not at all.

Not one hopeful support envelope manuered its way into my hollow mailbox.

What was I doing wrong?

  • I had faith that I would receive it.
  • I had been praying.
  • I knew I was called.
  • I had done all that I thought I could to raise money.

Honestly, I was getting pretty nervous. My heart was breaking into tiny countries and my hope was beginning to lose its way in a sea of doubts.

I decided to make a trip to the glorious Dollar Store to construct what would be my life boat. Armed with a poster board, scissors, and prayers as my glue, this work of art came into existence.

Evey Sunday my campus cafeteria is open to the public and this grants me the opportunity to fundraise. My only concern was that I had nothing to sell. Other students would also place their support tables outside the cafeteria and offer cookies, t-shirts, etc.

I had no cookies. I had no t-shirts.
I had no doubt that God would provide anyway.

What I did offer was my heart for Ecuador and what I sold was the awareness of the need for clean water there.
The beautiful burden of love should be enough to compel the act of giving, not material goods. It is not impossible to love people you have never met… I can testify to that.

“Nothing is wrong with buying or selling items, but something is wrong when this becomes the only reason in which people choose to give”

Everything was riding on hope now.

–Dios respira vida en sueños aparentemente imposibles

Actualización Rápida…

10 Apr

Lately I have been experiencing a plethora of negative emotions.

Emotions have always been the weakest bone in my body.

All of these things do not matter because in Ecuador it will be only be the Shuar, Jesus, and I. Everything else falls on the way side…

–Dios respira vida en sueños aparentemente imposibles