Actualización Rápida…

28 May

Sitting…..waiting…..wondering… much were these shots going to hurt?

Heart rate was racing, mind was going, tears were waiting to pour. Nothing about the cold, empty doctor’s room could supply comfort. Until I began to remember why I was there. Why I needed to be experiencing a minute’s worth of pain.

I began to marvel at pictures of Ecuador and the Shuar people. The cold, lofty room suddenly filled with smiles. Laughter leaked out between cracks. Love embraced the atmosphere. Like gravity, the hope of seeing her face kept me grounded.

A minute’s worth of pain cannot compare to the years of heartache I have felt without cradling her smile, in person.

I still cried rivers before the needle even touched my arm, but it was so worth it.

Ecuador, you are so worth it…


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