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It all started with a hike (part 1)…

21 Jun

June 16th, 2013

“Todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece.” -Filipenses 4:13

Today I hiked up a monstrous mountain-3,000 feet high! It was only through Christ whom gives me strength that I made it up.

The day began by walking across the bridge that leads to the Shuar villages. Ecuador Bridge

We met with the pastor there-Pastor Gonzales. After we met with the pastor we visited the first church. A part of our visit there required singing “Open the Eyes of My Heart” in front of the entire church. Honestly, it was both nerve-wrecking and awkward, but once I got out of my skin I loved it!

Before sending the children off, “Fierce Mohawk” told his testimony and Pastor Gonzales gave a quick word of encouragement to everyone. The team was then asked to split off into groups–some with the children and some to stay in the church. I wanted to be with the children so bad, but I was too nervous. I decided to just kept my hand down. Pastor Matt (one of the missionaries) asked once more who wanted to go. Thankfully, “Gringo Bama” saw my inner conflict and encouraged me to go with the children. I am incredibly happy that I went. I was afraid that I was not going to be able to connect, but I actually interacted really well with them. Having “Quiet Storm” along my side helped tremendously because she was able to translate for me. I loved every second with the children! I cannot believe my insecurity almost kept me away from being with them.

Coming to this small village allowed me to see I am much more capable than I allow myself to think. I was so afraid of being with the beautiful children because my fear of failing. But God works mightily in our weaknesses. He gave me confidence to interact and love on those beautiful boys and girls. I am so thankful that I got that push; I am so thankful that He believed in me.

Never let fear come between what you love. 

-Dios respira vida en sueños aparentemente imposibles