Three years ago I encountered the love of my life…
Raised from the ashes there she stood
Laced in yellow, she outshined the sun
Veiled in red, rubies could not afford her worth
Tattooed in blue, my love for her would now run deeper than the greatest ocean

Ever since that glance I could not outshake her image from my mind
Her name ever so slightly eased its way onto my tongue
I wanted to tell everyone about her decayed beauty

Before my body could stamp the earth with its signature
I had to sign her soil, leaving footprints on her trails

Although I have never met her
I know her and I love her
because He knows her and He loves her
And I know He does because that same desperate heart He has for her
He has so perfectly placed in me

I am tethered to you, Ecuador.

Three years ago shaking hands with this stanger was just a dream
This is my song, my poem, my story of how this old dusty dream has now been awakened from its rest

–Dios respira vida en sueños aparentemente imposibles
God breathes life into seemingly impossible dreams…


One Response to “Bienvenido…”

  1. Ruthie March 10, 2013 at 1:26 am #

    All things are possible for those who believe!

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